ARIEL Issue 1 – 2020 »The Erotics of Fruit«. Neue multilinguale Zeitschrift für Literatur & OptoArt, Ausgabe 1 – 2020

ISBN: 978-3-8260-6947-5
Autor: LitPro Würzburg e.V. (ed.)
Band Nr: 1
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
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Art.Nr.: 6947
ISBN: 978-3-8260-6947-5
Band Nr: 1
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
Seitenanzahl: 182
Sprache: deutsch
Kurzinhalt: ARIEL, the novel semi-annual magazine is a non-profit journal edited by LitPro Würzburg e.V. It is conceived as a multilingual project for poetry & optoart and open to multilingual authors from all around the world. The magazine accepts only previously unpublished material: lyrical poetry, short prose, literary essays, and optoartistical work, such as drawings, paintings, and photographs. Each text will be published at least bilingually, and the author should provide respective versions of his work both in English and his or her mother tongue. Submissions are possible all year round to

Editor-in-chief: Amadé Esperer
Section editor: Anita Tschirwitz
The current issue’s main topic is »The Erotics of Fruit«, contributors are: R. Sandoval Bacigalupo (Peru), K. Bleifuß (Germany), A. Brisotto (Italy), A. Esperer (Germany), G. Falkner (Germany), N. Franke (New Zealand), C. Fréchette (Canada), D.E. Göbel (Germany), G. Goldmann (Germany), M. Kemadjou (Cameroon), H.W. Kolb (Germany), Y. Laor (Israel), R. Lechner (Austria), R. Saxena (India). A. Tschirwitz (Germany), H. Van der Veen (The Netherlands).

The editor:
Amadé Esperer is a German multilingual poet, essayist, literary translator and editor. He founded the multilingual literature and art magazine ARIEL together with the artist Anita Tschirwitz. He has published numerous volumes of poetry and is a profound expert on modern and contemporary European, North American and Hebrew lyrical poetry. Among others he has translated the late work of Yehuda Amichai and has published it in two anthologies and several essays. For this work he has been awarded the Simon Höchheimer Prize. He is currently translating poems of Louis MacNeice, who is widely unknown in Germany and on whom he wrote an essay for this issue of ARIEL.

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