Practices and Agency.

ISBN: 978-3-8260-7432-5
Autor: Ginev, Dimitri
Year of publication: 2021
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Product No.: 7432
ISBN: 978-3-8260-7432-5
Year of publication: 2021
Pagenumbers: 160
Language: englisch
Short description: According to this study’s main argument, acknowledging a qualitative leap in the transition of ensembles of configured practices legitimizes the search for a theoretical autonomy in conceptualizing social practices. The forms of social life become social institutions thanks to ensembles of practices. Those who are active participants in these institutions are involved in varying configurations of practices, in which diverse kinds of rules are operating. The difference between any one social practice and properly arranged interrelated practices is by no means only a grammatical one. It is rather a difference that provides a rationale for ascribing a dual status to any one practice integrated with configured practices.

The Author
Dimitri Ginev was a Senior Fellow of the Zukunftskolleg of the University of Konstanz, and Professor for History of Modern Hermeneutics and Hermeneutic Philosophy of Science at the St.-Kliment-Ohridski University of Sofia. He was the founder of the international journal Studia Culturologica.

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