LWU L.3/4.2017 African Americans: Free at Last? Equal at Last? Jutta Zimmermann (Ed.) Doppelheft Inland/Ausland - € 26,00

ISBN: 978-3-8260-7027-3
Autor: LWU Literatur in Wissenschaft und Unterricht
Year of publication: 2020
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26,00 EUR
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Product No.: 7027
ISBN: 978-3-8260-7027-3
Year of publication: 2020
Pagenumbers: 136
Language: deutsch
Short description: J. Zimmermann: Introduction: Teaching the History of Race Relations in the U.S. – J. Zimmermann: African Americans: Free at Last? Equal at Last? – Reflections on Teaching Race Relations in the U.S. – Civil Rights Struggle in African American Literature and Film – S. Völz: Cultural Memory, Legal Lynching, and the Death Penalty in Ernest J. Gaines’s A Lesson Before Dying – L. Anderwald: African American English in Gaines’ A Lesson Before Dying – E. Winkler: The Road to Racial Equality: Notes towards. Teaching Lee Daniels’ The Butler in the German EFL Classroom – Recent Expressions of Cultural Resistance to Systemic Racism – K. Baudemann: Retelling the European Fairy Tale: A Comparative Reading of Nalo Hopkinson’s “Riding the Red” and “Red Rider” – D. Büscher-Ulbrich: Surplus Trap: Crisis, Gangsta Rap, and Trap Music Videos – E. T. Kugland: Black Lives Matter and Historical Discourses of Crime and Blackness in the U.S.
Jutta Zimmermann ist Professorin für Nordamerikanistik am Englischen Seminar der Christian- Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel und Direktorin des dort ansässigen Zentrums für Nordamerika Studien.

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