Brexit and the Divided United Kingdom. Journal for the Study of British Cultures. JSBC. Vol. 26, No. 1/2019. € 32,00, Abopreis € 24,00

ISBN: 978-3-8260-6919-2
Autor: Habermann, Ina / Krämer, Lucia / Sedlmayr, Gerold / Viol, Claus-Ulrich
Year of publication: 2019
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Product No.: 6919
ISBN: 978-3-8260-6919-2
Year of publication: 2019
Pagenumbers: 124
Language: deutsch
Short description: J. Rostek / A.-J. Zwierlein: Introduction: Brexit and the Divided United Kingdom as Areas of Research in British Cultural Studies – M. Guderjan / J. Fischer: Understanding Brexit: Agency in a Divided Britain – G. Sedlmayr: Communication Breakdown: The Brexit Referendum, British Austerity Policies and Their Negotiation in Culture – M. Herrschaft-Iden / P. Jacobi: Laughing Out Loud Allowed? Pro-Brexit Voices in British Comedy – S. Karschay: Great Britain or Little England? Brexit and the London Olympics Opening Ceremony – B. Korte / C. Mair: New-Old Rifts: Brexit and Resurfacing Racism in the United Kingdom – J. Gohrisch / R. Schulze: Representing the World in Language: Cultural Linguistic Perspectives on Brexit – Reviews: Patrick Diamond, Peter Nedergaard & Ben Rosamond, eds. (2018), The Routledge Handbook of the Politics of Brexit – Tim Oliver (2018), Understanding Brexit: A Concise Introduction – Rüdiger Görner (2018), Brexismus oder: Verortungsversuche im Dazwischen – Peter Stäuber (2018), Sackgasse Brexit: Reportagen aus einem gespaltenen Land – Gesa Stedman & Sandra van Lente, eds. (2017), It’s Not Just the Economy, Stupid! Brexit and the Cultural Sector – Ina Habermann, ed. (2018), The Road to Brexit: A Students’ Podcast Project – Tim Marshall (2018), Divided: Why We’re Living in an Age of Walls.

Editors of this Issue:
Joanna Rostek, Institut für Anglistik, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen.
Anne-Julia Zwierlein, Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, Universität Regensburg.

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