Women by the Waterfront: Modernist (Re)Visions of Gender, Self and Littoral Space. Ausgezeichnet mit dem Humboldt Preis 2016 der HU Berlin. Epistemata Literaturwissenschaft, Band 890.

ISBN: 978-3-8260-6265-0
Autor: Tordasi, Kathrin
Band Nr: 890
Year of publication: 2018
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Product No.: 6265
ISBN: 978-3-8260-6265-0
Series Nr: EpiL
Band Nr: 890
Year of publication: 2018
Pagenumbers: 348
Language: englisch
Short description: Women by the Waterfront examines the role of the beach in modernist texts written by and about women. Combining original studies on nature writing with queer perspectives on the works of Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield, Stevie Smith and others, this book does not only open fresh pathways in the fields of modernist studies and human geography, it also reveals that beaches are a productive space in women’s experimental literature. A close investigation of cultural artefacts including novels, short stories, story fragments, diary entries, paintings and poems shows that the beach serves as a ‘room of their own’: a privileged, in-between space which women use to challenge, suspend and transgress the limitations of a binary gender order.
Die Autorin: Kathrin Tordasi is a lecturer at the Department of English and American Studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and an associated member of the Centre for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies (ZtG).

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