Jazz in Word. European (Non-) Fiction

ISBN: 978-3-8260-6341-1
Autor: Krick-Aigner, Kirsten / Schuster, Marc-Oliver (Hrsg.)
Year of publication: 2017
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Product No.: 6341
ISBN: 978-3-8260-6341-1
Year of publication: 2017
Pagenumbers: 464
Language: englisch
Short description: K. Krick-Aigner / M.-O. Schuster: Introduction – S. Feinstein: Jazz as a Liberator of Language – Y. Karsunke: bloody Mary – J. N. Pfeifer: Poems – Pre- and Post-World War I – M. de Ridder: “This Music Has Arisen from the Trenches”: Jazz as a Measure of Modernity in European Literature after World War I – W. Lamprecht: From the Cakewalk to the Foxtrot – Two-stepping between Dance and Propaganda: The Sound of World War I – K. Nowakowski: A Racketeers’ Music? Reactions to Early Jazz in Vienna – P. Cohen-Avenel: Jazz and the Revolution of Dance Music in Dance-Manuals (Koebner, Pollack, Jaffé, Baresel) between 1913 and 1926 – The Interwar Period – K. Krick- Aigner: “Because she’s got to dance”: Jazz Dance in the Literary Imagination of German Expressionist Women Poets – L. Tessitore: “Sprachen-Ragtime”: Jazz Influences on Walter Mehring’s Poems for Cabaret – S. Kluge: Delightful Orgies: An Invitation for a New Discussion on Thomas Mann and Jazz – F. Opitz: “Bäbä, tu. Bäbä, tut!”: Jazz and Literature in Symphonie für Jazz by René Schickele – V. Hofeneder: Syncopes and Infl ation: The Rhythm of Austrian Literature in the Interwar Period – P.-H. Kucher: “Ein Durcheinander mit viel Jazzmusik”: 1928 as a Case Study on Controversial-productive Jazz (Culture) Reception in the Viennese Feuilleton, Literature, Music, and Theater – H. Schreckenberger: Jazz and the “New Woman”: Lili Grün’s Novel Alles ist Jazz (1933) – 1945 – Present – G. Divers: “legt los, leute, haut rein”: US-American Jazz in German Poetry since 1945 – M.-O. Schuster: The Transnational Spin in Marginal Jazz Passages in GDR Literature – H. Justin: Hearing and Writing in the Staircase of History: Remarks on an Imaginary Meeting between Kafka and Borneman – A. W. Hurley: “Always within reach, trumpet gold, interpretation-free, above suspicion”? Günter Grass, Jazz, and Literature – T. Antonic: “God’s empty chair”, or: You Can’t Dig It – Jazz & Poetry of the Beat Generation and Beat-inspired Jazz & Poetry in Austria – S. Richter: Performing Jazz and Poetry: Musings about a Fictitious Concert – H. Neundlinger: Performance – Pattern – Improvisation: The Relationship between Body, Sound, and Text in Christian Loidl’s Poetry – L. Uzukauskaite: Jazz in Lithuanian Literature – V. Mihaiu: Global & Local, Words & Jazz in Today’s World.
Die Herausgeber: Kirsten Krick-Aigner, Ph.D., ist Professorin und Institutsvorständin am Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures am Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Zu ihren Forschungsschwerpunkten zählen deutschsprachige Nachkriegsliteratur, Jewish Studies und österreichische Sinti-Kultur. Marc-Oliver Schuster, Ph.D., ist Lehrbeauftragter an der Universität Wien (Germanistik) und arbeitet v.a. über deutschsprachige Literatur nach 1945 sowie zu interdisziplinären Themen (Postmoderne, Semiotik, Philosophie, Jazz in deutschsprachiger Literatur).

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