Errors und Ethics in Medicine International Perspectives for Patients' Rights. Global Health, Ethics and Human Rights, Vol. 1/2016, ed. by Andreas Frewer und Lutz Bergemann.

ISBN: 978-3-8260-6122-6
Autor: Frewer, Andreas / Schmidt, Kurt W. / Bergemann, Lutz (Eds.)
Band Nr: 1
Year of publication: 2016
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Product No.: 6122
ISBN: 978-3-8260-6122-6
Series Nr: GEH
Band Nr: 1
Year of publication: 2016
Pagenumbers: 200
Language: englisch
Short description: Editorial – L. Bergemann / A. Frewer: The Right to Health and Responding to Adverse Events. Coming to Terms with Patientsf Rights and Vulnerability – 1. Discussion: Errors in Medicine and Ethics. Comments from International Perspectives – A. Frewer / K. W. Schmidt / L. Bergemann: Errors and Ethics in Medicine. International Case Studies . Patientsf Rights – "Inter-CEC" . J. C. Moskop: Medical Errors and Patient Safety: A U.S. Perspective – S. McLennan: The Handling of Medical Errors in New Zealand – K. Moodley: Medical Error: A South African Perspective – S. BabiLc-Bosanac / A. Borove.cki: Medical Errors in Croatia – H. Ertin / I. Ilkilic: The Changing Doctoring Preferences in Turkey Following the Changed Turkish Penal Code and Attitudes toward Medical Malpractice – G. Duttge: Errors in the German Patients‘ Rights Law. Legal and Ethical Problems of the New Legislation – K. W. Schmidt: Errors, Guilt and Shame in Medicine. What We Can Learn from the Movies – L. Bergemann / K. W. Schmidt / A. Frewer: The Ethics of Medical Errors. Comparative Perspectives of the Case Studies on Six Countries – 2. Key Guidelines on Medical Errors – Harvard Hospitals of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors – When Things go Wrong. Responding to adverse events. A Consensus Statement – When Things go Wrong. In the Ambulatory Setting. A guide for education and practice; prepared in cooperation with the RISK Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions, Inc. The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, Md. – German "Patientsf Rights Law". "Patientenrechtegesetz" (Readjustment 2013) – Authors with Addresses. With Support of the Research Group "Human Rights in Healthcare" (Emerging Fields Initiative), University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU).
The Editors Andreas Frewer, Prof. Dr. med., M.A. Institut fur Geschichte und Ethik der Medizin der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. Dr. theol. Kurt W. Schmidt, Promotion im Fachbereich Systematik/Ethik in Heidelberg Ordination zum Pfarrer der EKHN, Klinische Seelsorge-Ausbildung (KSA), Leitung des Zentrums fur Ethik in der Medizin (ZEM) am Agaplesion Markus Krankenhaus, Frankfurt/M. PD Dr. phil. Lutz Bergemann, 2010 Habilitation im Fach Philosophie an der Westälischen Wilhelms- Universität Münster. Seit 2011 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der Professur fur Ethik in der Medizin am Institut fur Geschichte und Ethik in der Medizin der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen- Nürnberg.

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