Fontane's Landscapes. Fontaneana Band 7 € 28,00

ISBN: 978-3-8260-4077-1
Autor: Bade, James N.
Band Nr: 7
Year of publication: 2009
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28,00 EUR
Product No.: 4077
ISBN: 978-3-8260-4077-1
Series Nr: Font
Band Nr: 7
Year of publication: 2009
Pagenumbers: 176
Language: englisch
Short description: Acknowledgements – Chapter 1. The Nature of Fontane’s Landscapes – Chapter 2. The Sun Sets on Prussia: Landscapes in Schach von Wuthenow – I. Central Berlin (Chapters 1-3) – II. Tempelhof (Chapter 4) – III. The Prince’s Villa on the Spree (Chapters 6-7) – IV. Central Berlin (Chapters 8-13) – V. Wuthenow am See (Chapter 14) – VI. Potsdam (Chapters 15-16) – VII. Paretz and Charlottenburg (Chapters 16-17) – Chapter 3. Inclination and Obligation: Landscapes in Irrungen, Wirrungen – I. The Dörrs’ Nursery on Kurfürstenstraße (Chapters 1-3) – II. On the River Spree at Stralau (Chapter 3) – III. The Nimptschs’ house and the Dörrs’ garden (Chapters 4 and 5) – IV. Central Berlin: Bellevuestraße, Unter den Linden (Chapters 6-8) – V. The walk to Wilmersdorf (Chapters 9-10) – VI. The trip to Hankels Ablage (Chapters 11-13) – VII. Botho’s ride to Jungfernheide (Chapter 14) – VIII. The Dörrs’ garden; another walk to Wilmersdorf (Chapters 15-16) – IX. The honeymoon in Dresden, new residences in Berlin, and Käthe’s trip to Schlangenbad (Chapters 16-20) – X. Botho’s trip to the new Jakobi-Kirchhof in Rixdorf (Chapters 21-22) – XI. Botho’s second ride to Jungfernheide (Chapter 23) – XII. Botho and Käthe in Charlottenburg (25) – Chapter 4. Oppression and Tolerance: Landscapes in Effi Briest – I. Hohen-Cremmen (Chapters 1-5) – II. Berlin (Chapters 3-6) – III. Kessin (Chapters 6-22) – IV. Berlin (Chapters 23-24) – V. Rügen (Chapter 24) – VI. Berlin (Chapters 25-33) – VII. Hohen-Cremmen (Chapters 34-36) – Conclusion: Fontane’s Contrasting Landscapes and their Wider Significance – Bibliograph Aimed primarily at English-speaking undergraduate students of German literature, but also with graduate students and a general readership in mind, this book deals with the literary landscapes in Theodor Fontane's best known novels - 'Schach von Wuthenow' (1882), 'Irrungen, Wirrungen' (1888), and 'Effi Briest' (1895). It is an illuminating introduction to one of Europe's finest novelists. "It is an excellent idea to guide readers through the novels by way of focusing on the landscapes. James Bade brings an enormous amount of material into the discussion and is always detailed and precise. The book reads very well and enriches the Fontane literature." - Professor Christian Grawe, University of Melbourne. "Eminently readable and full of excellent insights." - Professor John Alexander, Arizona State University. "The book brings out the symbolic meaning and arrangements of locations and landscapes very clearly - I really hope that it will be read by students who are discovering Fontane." - Professor Dirk Göttsche, University of Nottingham.

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