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SELECT distinct p.products_id, p.products_ean, p.products_price, p.products_model, p.products_quantity, p.products_shippingtime, p.products_fsk18, p.products_image, p.products_weight, p.products_tax_class_id, pd.products_name, pd.products_short_description, pd.products_description FROM products AS p LEFT JOIN products_description AS pd ON (p.products_id = pd.products_id) LEFT OUTER JOIN products_attributes AS pa ON (p.products_id = pa.products_id) LEFT OUTER JOIN products_options_values AS pov ON (pa.options_values_id = pov.products_options_values_id) LEFT OUTER JOIN specials AS s ON (p.products_id = s.products_id) AND s.status = '1' WHERE p.products_status = '1' AND pd.language_id = '1' AND ( ( pd.products_keywords LIKE ('%römpp%') OR p.products_ean LIKE ('%römpp%') OR pd.products_description LIKE ('%römpp%') OR pd.products_short_description LIKE ('%römpp%') OR pd.products_name LIKE ('%römpp%') OR p.products_model LIKE ('%römpp%') OR (pov.products_options_values_name LIKE ('%römpp%') AND pov.language_id = '1') ) ) GROUP BY p.products_id ORDER BY p.products_id

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